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Automatic crane 50-28t x 32,8m
Bilstein Group

Automatic crane 50-28t x 32,8m

Crane 600t(300+300/50) x 55m
Cuxhaven Steel

Gantry crane 600t(300+300/50) x 55m

Manipulator crane 50t x 10m
Stahlwerk Bous GmbH

Manipulator crane 50t x 10m

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Special requirements demand specially tailored cranes and individual machines.

Every technology demands special machinery and reloading equipment. Kranbau Koethen is on hand with a wealth of experience and excellent engineers to play a valuable role in the success of state-of-the-art technological processes.

We work with a variety of technological fields, including:

  • Steel works
  • Processing plants, treatment plants
  • Shipbuilding, offshore
  • Logistics, trimodal
  • Foundries
  • Power stations

It is quite often the case that machinery or cranes need to be re-designed to accommodate a specific application.

Kranbau Koethen is the specialist in special-purpose cranes and machinery, including:

  • Powerhouse cranes for power station construction
  • Gripper cranes for waste incineration plants
  • Special-purpose cranes for dockyards and floating docks
  • Goliath cranes for shipbuilding and offshore applications
  • Ram cranes
  • Slag transport cranes
  • Mandrel cranes for coil transport
  • Gripper cranes and magnetic cranes for transporting slabs, coils, sheet metal
  • Manipulator cranes
  • Revolving gantry cranes
  • Ladle transport cars
Automation of application areas

In addition to building special-purpose cranes and special machines, we offer customised automation solutions for reloading and storage

The benefits of crane automation are clear to see: Increased customer productivity, reduced damage, less wear, lower costs, improved standard of quality thanks to automated processes, time savings and less space required.

Working with its affiliated companies and partners, Kranbau Koethen delivers the complete system from a single source. We do not just design the crane, but we also plan storage area management, in other words, the link to a computer system. This includes drive control, safety technology for securing areas and order processing for storage and shipping.

Our full-service packages are designed to prevent unnecessary interfaces between the automation levels. The solution from a single source — complete, safe, automatic!

Crane automation using "Bilstein" as an example — a crane in an annealing plant with special requirements.
Whenever possible, the annealing system operates in automatic mode

Examples of industry-specific automated solutions:

  • Automated coil storage
  • Automated coil transport including cooling bath and storage management
  • Automated annealing system for coils
  • Storage area management for storing slabs
  • Production accounting using weighing technology and ERP connection
short view: coil conveying line (fully automated)