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Ladle crane 450-100t x 22,4m
ArcelorMittal Avilés

Ladle crane 450-100t x 22,4m

Ladle cranes 500-125/25t x 22,25m
Ilva Taranto

Ladle cranes 500-125/25t x 22,25m

Charging crane 450-150t x 24m

Ladle charging crane 450-150t x 24m

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Crane systems for reliable, continuous operation

Kranbau Koethen process cranes are hoisting devices tailored to the customer's company and its requirements. We design and manufacture these hoisting devices on a customer-by-customer basis at our Köthen plant. Our well-defined quality management structure and careful design of the components ensure excellent crane availability as well as safety and cost-effectiveness — and it is not just our customers from the steel production and handling industries that reap the rewards.

Process cranes include:

  • Ladle cranes
  • Charging cranes
  • Ladle transport cranes
  • Slab transport / turning cranes
  • Coil transport cranes
  • Gripper cranes
  • Forging cranes
  • Magnetic traverse cranes
  • Automatic cranes

Process cranes for steel production / handling

What are process cranes?

Process cranes are an integral part of the steel production process and are used around the clock. They are fully integrated into a company's production process and must be in working condition at all times. Every process crane from Kranbau Koethen meets the most stringent quality standards and can be safely and easily incorporated at a range of points in the process chain.

Where are process cranes used?

Potential applications are extremely varied and often depend on the prevailing environmental conditions. Kranbau Koethen manufactures process cranes designed predominantly for steel production or steel processing companies (smelting works and steel mills). Process cranes for steel production are subject to particularly demanding production loads in this area.

Short View: Crane travel over process crane