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Hendrik Siemionek
human resources manager

Tel: +49 3496 700-202
Fax: +49 3496 700-190


Application information

Please send  your application documents only via the online application form. We will not consider applications sent by email.


We put our employees at the heart of everything

The people we have working in our company make the difference — the lasting success of Kranbau Koethen would not be possible without their expertise and commitment. A fast-paced market and increasing requirements demand a motivated team that identifies with our company and its objectives. At Kranbau Koethen, we offer a range of professional development opportunities.

Harness your expertise, willingness to learn, enthusiasm, skills and creativity to work not only towards your own development, but also to help us be successful on the market and satisfy our customers.

We offer:

  • Attractive wage package, individual performance bonuses
  • Share of profits from company's financial success
  • Pension scheme payments
  • Comprehensive healthcare package
  • Systematic training and qualification initiatives

Look no further than Kranbau Köthen GmbH if you want to be challenged in a new role at an attractive company operating in a vibrant market. We look forward to receiving your online application and learning more about you!

Overview of Kranbau Koethen as an employer:


We design, manufacture and install complete customised crane systems and retrofit cranes, provide services and manufacture spare parts for our own range of cranes and for third-party products. The ever-changing market requirements and technical change demand one thing above all else: highly qualified and highly motivated employees.

Do you have the right qualifications, have professional experience and can work independently under your own steam? Are you confident and authoritative in your work, assertive, have the capacity to work hard, are willing to move around and like working in a team?

If you think that Kranbau Koethen is the perfect match for you, what are you waiting for? Apply online now — we look forward to receiving your application!

You can also send a speculative application. We will then contact you as soon as a suitable position becomes vacant.

Professional training

Practical and looking to the future

Kranbau Köthen GmbH places great importance on receiving initial professional training — particularly on practical and well-grounded training Experienced specialists are on hand to support young trainees during their course. Today, our former trainees can be found working as accredited skilled workers, specialists or foremen.

Professional training at Kranbau Köthen GmbH takes the form of a dual system: the practical side takes place on-site in our company, while the theory side is taught at the vocational training college. Throughout your entire professional training, we pay trainee wages in accordance with the metal and electrical industries and offer a course with plenty of practical features, thereby laying the ideal foundations for your professional development.

Dual study course

We offer a dual study course:

Application deadline: Start of March for the dual study course starting in the current year.

Internships/final year placements

Are you interested in:

  • Technical college internship
  • Mandatory internship for technical college and university graduates (basic studies)
  • Internship for technical college and university graduates (post-graduate)
  • Other types of internships (e.g. as part of retraining and qualification initiatives)

Internships at Kranbau Köthen GmbH can last a minimum of four weeks and a maximum of six months. We offers places for your final year project, your bachelor thesis, Masters thesis or your internship semester. We provide support in both the sales and technical fields of your work and offer in-depth and qualified assistance in the relevant specialist departments.

Our services:

  • In-depth and qualitative support
  • Varied work that carries responsibility
  • Insights into a potential, future career path
  • A final assessment and/or written reference
Training programmes

Training and qualification are part of our personal development. In addition to professional requirements, technical/technological changes and personal skills also play a key role.

"Driving licence" for managers

The "driving licence for managers" scheme is a progressional and systematic training and development programme for managers across all levels. The training course covers topics such as employment law, organisation, business management as well developing personal skills, extending all the way through to management training sessions. This programme offers Kranbau Köthen GmbH managers the opportunity to become qualified in accordance with their own division's requirements, and learn the methodology and acquire the skills they need when communicating and exchanging information with employees.

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